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Fruits Baskets Stillness

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10th May 2006

tainee9:09pm: Banners for Week 1
I have the banners for the winners of Week 1. :D If I messed up on anything, then tell me. I'll fix it as soon as possible.

For titan_girl, forgetablelove, and cynniCollapse )

8th May 2006

sarahsaloser11:55pm: new bases new contest!
Hey guys! Sorry for the crazy delay. Lots of crap going on. Which we will actually talk about in a minute! but first lets get to the bases!

click me click me!Collapse )
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sarahsaloser11:55pm: and the winners are ....
sorry it took so long! here are your winners!

there was a tie for first place!




and in 2nd is


Everyone is a winner! no third place! I am looking for banner makers! Congrats to those who won!

4th May 2006

sarahsaloser7:38pm: hey guys! voting is going great!

just a little note.

Winners will be announced on sunday and a new base will be put up then! I have sunday off so I'll have lots of time to get everything set up! thanks for all the great comments and the speedy voting. Hopefully we'll have more entries for the next contest.

1st May 2006

sarahsaloser7:00pm: Voting!
Sorry this is so late! I was half hoping to get more submissions. But Cest La Vie! I will post new bases tommorrow. In the mean time, lets vote. There are only 5 icons to choose from, so this will be more about placing than actual winning.

Voting Rules

1. You may vote for 2 icons. Because there are so few this seems easiest. To vote put the number of the icon in a reply to this comment. This comments are screened no one will see how you voted.

2. You may NOT vote for yourself.

3. No telling other people to vote for you.

4. You must be a member to vote.!
EDIT: I fixed the problem. All the icons are different now.

alright click here to see the iconsCollapse )
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18th April 2006

sarahsaloser11:08pm: Mid Week Update.
Ok guys! the contest and is ending on friday, we've only had one entrance so far, so it's going to be REAL easy to judge! You still have some time, so please get those entries in!

13th April 2006

sarahsaloser11:46pm: Welcome!
Hey! We have a few new members and I'd like to say Hello to everyone! I'm so excited to have you guys with us.

Our first contest is up and running, I CAN NOT wait to see what you guys come up with.

Just a few reminders, remember your icon can not be animated, and you can not use it anywhere until after the contest is judged, that means you can't even use it as one of your own personal icons.

Alright guys have fun!

12th April 2006

sarahsaloser11:26pm: Haha! First Contest!
If nothing else I am a woman of my word! Here are your first three bases. I chose tohru honda as this weeks subject, considering she is our heroine. Let me tell you that it is not easy making a good cap of her without a stupid look on her face! Ah, but I love her anyways! This weeks caps are from the first 2 episodes since it's getting late and disc 3 and 4 are upstairs and disc 2 has mysteriously vanished!

alright then!
click here for the bases and more infoCollapse )
submissions for this contest will last until friday april 21st. So that gives you about a week and a half! Thanks for being so great guys!
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11th April 2006

sarahsaloser11:28pm: Well Crap.
Sorry I'm late with the base. Here's what we're going to do.

Tommorrow I'm going to post the base (I have the day off of work)

The contest will be open an extra week in hopes that a few more people will join in.

Thanks for your patience!

6th April 2006

sarahsaloser7:12pm: Yes!
Woot! We have members! I offically love you!

I'm going to post the first ever base on monday! The first contest may last an extra week, depending on how many members we get over the weekend. I have a question for you guys though. Which would you prefer.

A Large cap that you could resize and edit how you please.


A base that is already 100x100.

comment with your preference.

Ok. Thanks Again! Talk to you soon!

<3 Sarah

5th April 2006

sarahsaloser10:38pm: A Hello and a Oops!
Hey! I'm Sarah (duh) and this is the first ever post.

We're going to wait for a few more people to join before we start. I'm very excited about this! I hope you guys are too!

P.S. I JUST realized I left the extra S off the end of stillness. Oops. Well ... cest la vie!
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